BIG thanks for the Reformer Pilates, success where Chiro, Osteo, Physio & acupunture failed - Thank you!
Ian Oliver, PSG Manchester

After suffering with a very painful prolapsed disc, I finally had an injection into my spine and was advised the effects may last up to 6 months, sometimes for slightly longer.  I was recommended to consider Pilates.  I did a fair bit of research on the internet and that is where I first found Denise.  Some 18 months later and with weekly Pilates Reformer classes I am still completely pain free, and more mobile than I have been for a long time.  Sometimes it's hard work, often distinctly unglamorous, but always fun!  I'd recommend that everyone tries it and anyone looking for specialist Pilates classes could do no better than Denise.

Gil Ellis, Manchester
To cut a long story short. I am a heavy machinery mechanic, I am 45
I had a severe car accident, After the accident I thought my working life was over.  Which after 18 months of test, scans. I was told that I have  inoperable nerve and disc damage.
I was told that after 5 years case studies show that the nerve will start to repair, but to what extent they don’t know.
After 42 sessions with an osteopath. I was told to try Pilates. Which I did.
The pain I was going through was unbelievable, I was constantly spaced out on my medication. I was on very strong pain relief. Nerve blocker and
Anti-depressants. I was having epidurals with steroids also for pain relief.
I started Pilates, I thought the pain I had was the max I could handle, but while doing Pilates sometimes my pain increased, but the benefits I got was worth it. My pain increased
While doing Pilates, but then soon after I started to get half a day relief. Then increased to a full day. After 18 months of Pilates I’m now pain free and medication free.
This was 2 years before the nerve damage would start to repair.
I will do Pilates for the rest of my life for the benefits I receive from it.
I must say That Denise my instructor is amazing. If you can’t do certain exercises due to your condition. She will study new ways to improve your condition.
There was days when I just wanted to give up. Well with Denise you don’t have that option. She will work you so hard for your benefit.
Trust In what she will do for you.
Dean Sharp, Mechanic

I can honestly say that training with Denise on the pilates refomer bed has transformed my life.

I was always sceptical of pilates and saw it as a waste of workout time. Instead I spent hours running and training in the gym.

Then I slipped a desk in my back and was in so much pain I couldn't sleep and couldn't even bend to tie my shoe laces.

Hours pounding the streets running had also worn away the cartilege in my hip and surgery seemed the only option.

With two young children I was reluctant to have surgery as it meant six weeks on crutches so my physiotherapist recommended pilates.

I started training with Denise on the pilates bed. It strengthened my core and glute muscles which in turn supported my back and hip.

It also gave me greater flexibility which stretched my hip flexors and back which were tight from hours doing a desk job.

Two years on I am completely pain-free and back running and training - something which I thought would be impossible.

My back is now stronger than ever and I no longer wince in fear of hurting myself every time I lift weights or bend over.

I would recommend pilates to anyone as part of their gym routine, particularly if you struggle with flexibility or are prone to injury or back problems.

Denise knows her stuff and can tailor a programme to suit you, no matter your age, flexibility or experience.

Amanda Killelea, Feature Writer - Daily Mirror