10 reasons to choose Bbodysmart

  1. We were the 1st studio in the North West to introduce Reformer beds
  2. We're proud to be based in Bury and have been for over 15 years
  3. Our instructors have 80+ years of knowledge & experience in teaching Reformer Pilates, they're more than happy to share these insights with you, helping you to get the most...
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Pregnancy Pilates – Now Available

We're now offering new and expectant mums the chance to keep fit, meet new friends and try something new in our pregnancy Pilates classes. The classes will be held in our bespoke, Bury based Reformer Pilates Studios. The courses will run over 4 weeks, starting Sunday 22nd September at 12:30 pm then running consecutively for 4...
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How Pilates can help you to run better

Reformer Pilates has a whole host of benefits as we already know, but how does practising Pilates help you achieve better results from running? We've listed 5-ways one exercise (Pilates) can help another (running). Take a look below: ⒈ Increased core strength: When all of the muscles in the torso are strong and balanced, your running will...
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