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Group Reformer sessions, Bury

Pilates is the ultimate in core training and is available at Bbodysmart, in Bury, offering cost-effective small group Reformer sessions.

We’re the first place to introduce Reformer Pilates in Greater Manchester, our bespoke studio heralds several Pilates Reformer/Cadillac beds, a wall unit, a half barrel and combo chair as well as the latest in core training equipment.

Reformer Pilates sessions are a great, cost-effective way of toning, shaping and improving your core strength and flexibility. Each training session will involve core and flexibility training exercises using our 6 Reformer beds. The aim of the course is to make the ultimate core, stretch and postural exercises affordable to everyone by training in groups of up to 6 people only.

Our Group Reformer courses run throughout each calendar month. There a maximum of 6 people in each group. We have a membership available for this option which also includes studio classes.

Check out our prices and memberships HERE.

Tell me more about the Pilates Reformer beds:

Results you gain from the Pilates Reformer beds include rehabilitation from injuries and trauma including knees, hip and back problems, postural correction, core activation, improved abdominal strength and flexibility. The bed utilises the correct muscle groups to ensure fast results.

With hundreds of exercises, beginners and experienced clients will benefit from the non-impact workout that’s friendly to the joints. Here are the top reasons why we should all be doing Reformer Pilates.

    • Pilates is great for improving posture and gaining correct spinal alignment
    • It is proven to develop flexibility in the joints and suppleness in the muscles
    • Gain muscular strength and stamina without adding bulk
    • Improves balance and coordination
    • Helps prevent osteoporosis
    • Helps beat stress and helps trigger natural sleep responses
    • Relief from back pain and helps aid recovery after injury
  • Developing core strength during pregnancy makes the birth easier and keeps posture upright

If you’re a new member looking to book your place in one of our classes please go to the timetable or contact Denise on 07830974670

If you’re an existing member, please register for your place in our group classes by going to the timetable

"A body free from nervous tension and fatigue is the ideal shelter provided by nature for housing a well balanced mind, fully capable of successfully meeting all the complex problems of modern living" Joseph Pilates