Helps relieve stress and tension

Stress is one of the biggest negative factors of modern life, affecting your physical and mental wellbeing just as much as disease does. Frequent exercise is one of the best remedies for stress and has many benefits. Pilates focuses on breathing – a deep, mindful pattern of breathing that instantly enhances feelings of calm and release in the body and mind. We also work constantly on posture: a poised and lifted body, free from tension and pain, creates a calm mind.

Key benefits
•A sense of calm and wellbeing is encouraged by the relaxation of tense muscles during Pilates.
•Pilates releases endorphins, which naturally cause the body and mind to feel more relaxed and positive.
•Your sleep will improve with regular Pilates, which will greatly reduce any fatigue and stress.
•You will feel energized and invigorated, because Pilates forces you to focus on the present moment and the movement you are performing, to the exclusion of your everyday preoccupations and stresses.

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