Improve your endurance and mental strength

Pilates builds endurance within individual exercises and also within workouts. Focus on improving your concentration to build strength for both – endurance comes first from mental strength and therefore requires determination and persistence. Visualize your success and becoming stronger, and stay strong through challenging exercises.

You should practise Pilates sequences without breaks, like a choreographed piece of movement. Initially, you may need to take breaks to perform a linked sequence of exercises. Your muscles will begin to tire after several repetitions, but you need to stay focused and to complete the set. Over time, work towards completing a sequence without pausing.

Key benefits
•Pilates builds stamina, not only physical, but mental.
•Immense strength and tone in the body is developed in Pilates by using your own body weight.
•Improved concentration results from focusing on completing each repetition, exercise, and sequence.

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