Denise Benson owner of Bbodysmart

I am 50 years old and have been in the fitness industry for 20 years, my passion started as a young girl doing ballet and tap and everything else that goes with it, I danced at least 3 times a week, plus competitions at weekend, how my Dad put up with it for all those years I am not too sure. I did dance professionally for a couple of years but then got married and had my first 2 children. I am sure my parents must have thought all that money and time wasted.

Then in the middle of a massive change in my life a friend asked me to go to Louise Brookes health club, I did 1 step class with Louise and straight after she pulled me to one side and offered me a job, it couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Louise organized all of my training and within a short time I was teaching all my own classes, I loved it. Louise was an amazing mentor and as a club owner she brought in everything new in the fitness industry, we were the first club to bring in body pump and all the rest of the BTS training systems and we were lucky enough to be taught by the guys who first brought it to this country, we were so lucky I loved it all but I was still missing something, then it came, Louise offered to me a Pilates course with Michael King it was it was like going back to my roots. Louise was then bought out by LA Fitness who gave me the opportunity to learn some management skills I was now coordinating the studios and managing staff. Being in that side made me look at the sort of training I had received and the poor training that the kids were getting so I decided to take my assessor qualification and teacher training, I worked for capital sports until I had my third child and then went to teach at north Trafford College.

Then in 2006 I decided that I wanted my own studio, I took a leaf out of Louise’s book and looked for things that were new and different in the industry, so we started to do boot camps and I bought the first reformer beds to the area. As always I like to keep moving, as does the industry, we now have a studio that combines functional training and short sharp effective cardio classes with the amazing effects of the reformer beds, our aim is to achieve functional, fit, amazing looking bodies without the stress of long boring hours spent in a gym. My aim is to bring fun to fitness and teach body awareness to the every one.

I love my job and I am surrounded by fantastic people I am so lucky.