With over 14 years of experience in individual and group training in both the fitness and Pilates industry, Marion is passionate about sharing her skills to improve the physical and spiritual well being of our clients. After a recent life-changing accident she utilised all of her skills to rehabilitate herself. Marion's qualifications to date are personal trainer level 3, HFE mat work, 121 remedial, reformer, Cadillac, Pilates workshops with Lolita San Miguel 1st generation Pilates instructor, (trained personally by Joseph Pilates). Fitball, Flexi - bar, indoor cycling, physical Yoga with over 20 yrs practice in Iyengar and Yin Yoga, will power and grace, all of these have given her the passion to improve her knowledge to become one of a handful of Pilates teachers worldwide to complete the passing of the torch program, to become a 2nd/3rd generation teacher.