I can honestly say that training with Denise on the pilates refomer bed has transformed my life.

I was always sceptical of pilates and saw it as a waste of workout time. Instead I spent hours running and training in the gym.

Then I slipped a desk in my back and was in so much pain I couldn't sleep and couldn't even bend to tie my shoe laces.

Hours pounding the streets running had also worn away the cartilege in my hip and surgery seemed the only option.

With two young children I was reluctant to have surgery as it meant six weeks on crutches so my physiotherapist recommended pilates.

I started training with Denise on the pilates bed. It strengthened my core and glute muscles which in turn supported my back and hip.

It also gave me greater flexibility which stretched my hip flexors and back which were tight from hours doing a desk job.

Two years on I am completely pain-free and back running and training - something which I thought would be impossible.

My back is now stronger than ever and I no longer wince in fear of hurting myself every time I lift weights or bend over.

I would recommend pilates to anyone as part of their gym routine, particularly if you struggle with flexibility or are prone to injury or back problems.

Denise knows her stuff and can tailor a programme to suit you, no matter your age, flexibility or experience.

Amanda Killelea, Feature Writer - Daily Mirror