To cut a long story short. I am a heavy machinery mechanic, I am 45
I had a severe car accident, After the accident I thought my working life was over.  Which after 18 months of test, scans. I was told that I have  inoperable nerve and disc damage.
I was told that after 5 years case studies show that the nerve will start to repair, but to what extent they don’t know.
After 42 sessions with an osteopath. I was told to try Pilates. Which I did.
The pain I was going through was unbelievable, I was constantly spaced out on my medication. I was on very strong pain relief. Nerve blocker and
Anti-depressants. I was having epidurals with steroids also for pain relief.
I started Pilates, I thought the pain I had was the max I could handle, but while doing Pilates sometimes my pain increased, but the benefits I got was worth it. My pain increased
While doing Pilates, but then soon after I started to get half a day relief. Then increased to a full day. After 18 months of Pilates I’m now pain free and medication free.
This was 2 years before the nerve damage would start to repair.
I will do Pilates for the rest of my life for the benefits I receive from it.
I must say That Denise my instructor is amazing. If you can’t do certain exercises due to your condition. She will study new ways to improve your condition.
There was days when I just wanted to give up. Well with Denise you don’t have that option. She will work you so hard for your benefit.
Trust In what she will do for you.
Dean Sharp, Mechanic