10 reasons to choose Bbodysmart

  1. We were the 1st studio in the North West to introduce Reformer beds
  2. We're proud to be based in Bury and have been for over 15 years
  3. Our instructors have 80+ years of knowledge & experience in teaching Reformer Pilates, they're more than happy to share these insights with you, helping you to get the most from your class
  4. We use only the highest quality equipment in our sessions ensuring each muscle group is exercised effectively with great results
  5. We practice both traditional and modern Pilates techniques include the 6 principles of Pilates and STOTT methods. Each class is completely different and we can offer multiple modifications to each movement to suit everyone
  6. AMAZING clients who have trained with our instructors for over 20 years
  7. We work with you, helping you to achieve your fitness goals improving strength, flexibility, rehabilitation, better alignment and a strong mind and body
  8. Small class sizes, exercises can be tailored specifically for you
  9. 1 to 1 availability to help you on your journey
  10. Friendly instructors so our classes will be sure to leave you smiling

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