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December blog!!

Its got to that time of year, where the frost is laying thickly on the floor. We need to layer up to keep ourselves
warm and to keep those aching joints at bay!
Osteoarthritis effects many of us and can take place in many of our joints contributing to those aches and pains
that seem to get worse in the winter time.
So what is it?
Osteoarthritis effects our joints. It occurs when the surfaces of our joints become damage and dont move as well as they
should. The cartilage covering our joints can become rough and thin and the underneath bone can thicken. This can be
otherwise known as wear and tear!In extreme cases, once the cartilage has worn, the bone can start to wear away causing
further problems. Within the joint, extra bone can form called osteophytes and the synovium can thicken and make extra
synovial fluid which can lead to swelling of the joint. There can also be contraction of other structures around the joint,
like ligaments and the capsule itself. All this can alter the shape of the joint, forcing bones out of position.
What are the symptoms?
Osteoarthritis can cause, pain, stiffness, muscle weakness, swelling, reduced range of movement, deformed joints and cracking
and creaking.
What joints can be effected?
Any joint can be effected by osteoarthritis, but the main ones are; the knees, hips, neck and back, big toes and hands.
What can we do about it?
Keeping the joint as strong and mobile with gentle exercise, within your pain limits will help with the symptoms of arthritis.
Hot and cold therapy aids the symptoms. Pain killers and anti-inflammatories can help with the discomfort.

A gentle exercise that can help with the strengthening of the effected arthritic joints is pilates.
Developed in the 1900's by Joseph Pilates to improve health and mobility by strengthening the muscles by spinal alignment
exercises and general body balance.
Despite pilates being a mild form of physical activity, it has huge health benefits. With its emphasis on strengthening
the core, it helps to increase muscle tone and strength within the abdomen, lower back and the whole muscular system.
It enhances muscle control, increases awareness of posture, aids spinal stabilisation, co-ordination and balance.
Pilates is perfect for rehabilitation of any musculature injury!
Here at bbodysmart, we offer a range of pilates classes dependant on your needs. Get in contact to find out more!

Thanks for reading our December blog post, keep wrapped up, keep moving and enjoy the festive season,

Best Wishes

Bbodysmart team!

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