How Pilates can help you to run better

Reformer Pilates has a whole host of benefits as we already know, but how does practising Pilates help you achieve better results from running?

We've listed 5-ways one exercise (Pilates) can help another (running). Take a look below:

Increased core strength: When all of the muscles in the torso are strong and balanced, your running will improve

Corrects alignment & posture: Pilates helps you to learn muscular cues, helping you maintain a better running posture

3. Improved endurance & speed: loosen your hips, legs and back - all helping you keep a fluid, long stride.

4. Quicker recovery: a regular Pilates routine means your muscles are in better condition, so you feel less fatigued, sore and tight after a long run.

5. Breath control:  Breathing patterns are essential to performing Pilates movements correctly, and such practice easily translates into running.

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