In an attempt to combat Covid-19 and the pandemic we have temporarily closed the doors to the studio. As you can imagine, that wasn’t easy but it’s the best decision to keep you, us and our families safe as we figure out what is unchartered territory for us all.

As we’re following the rule of self-isolating we’ll still need to move our bodies and keep our minds busy so to help us all to do that we’re moving our classes online. The studio will return once new normal resumes but online classes are something we have looked into for a while and the Corona Virus was the push we needed to Zoom (excuse the pun) into the virtual world.

We’re hoping these classes give you the chance to keep in touch with one another and to maintain the relationships you have with your instructors and other members. After all, we might be social isolating but the last thing we want is for people to feel emotionally isolated – we’re all in this together.

How do you join online classes?

We will be using Zoom. For those who aren’t familiar, this is a video tool which will allow us to meet online and complete our classes.

Zoom looks like this

You can use Zoom as an app on your mobile phone, simply download the app via your app store. However, our recommendation would be to use a laptop, computer or smart TV and use the Zoom website simply follow this link:

If you choose to download the app, please follow the below links:

Samsung users

iPhone users

How do you book an online class?

You will use Team Up – to book your Group class follow this link:

To book your 1-2-1 class follow this link:

Once you have chosen your online class, you will be provided with a URL which will take you straight to the Zoom meeting. Once you follow that URL, at the time of your class, you will meet your instructor and other class attendees in a video meeting.

When you visit the Zoom meeting you may get asked for a Meeting ID. This will be provided alongside the meeting URL when you book your class.

Do I have to be on camera?

No – it’s totally up to you if you want to be on camera. You will have the option to switch off your camera when you join the meeting. It’s worth noting if you choose not to use the camera the instructor won’t be able to see you and guide you but you will still be able to see and hear them.

Do I have to speak during the video meeting?

No – you will be able to mute your voice. We will have a virtual chat option that you can use to address the whole class or instructor individually.

How much are online classes?

They will be £5.

Will I need equipment?

Your instructor will let you know if any equipment is required. If so, it will be items you find around your house. Disclaimer: “Equipment” could include pets, children and spouses!

Example of replacement equipment you can find around the home

As with anything we value your feedback and we’ll do what we can to ensure you get the most from the online classes. See you on Zoom!