We’re in lockdown limbo at the moment with some restrictions being lifted whilst others remain. We’re so eager to get back to “normal” although we’re not sure what that will look like… one thing we know for sure is, once it’s safe, we’ll be training from our brand new studio. We can’t wait for you to see it in real life.

Until then, we will continue to offer our online classes – thank goodness for the internet, aye?

We’re getting used to new routines and exercise is definitely an escape for some, we’ve listed a number of reasons online fitness may just be the answer if you’re looking to reduce the fatigue and worry surrounding the pandemic and post lockdown life.

1. There’s no place like home…

Okay, we’re all itching to leave home and get out on our usual adventures HOWEVER, we follow the rules and that means the home is where we stay for now. The good news is you don’t have to travel far to join your fitness class, a hop, skip, jump and good internet connection is all you need!

2. Catch up with your friends

We’ve said it before but social distancing doesn’t mean emotionally distancing, we LOVE seeing our members reunite in their online classes. We make sure there’s time for people to chat and catch up before the fitness starts and anyone joining the classes for their first time is made to feel welcome – we’re a happy bunch at Bbody!

3. Availability & convenience

Our social calendars may not be as busy as they once were but life can still be a 100 miles an hour, especially with homeschooling, family visits and queuing for food shopping becoming new “to-dos” we once never had. The good news is online fitness can be completed in between these tasks and without the travel time, they can be completed a lot quicker than before lockdown – win.

4. Structure

For some, routine is important whilst dealing with a new way of living. Our online classes will help you to find a structure for your day. Knowing you have a timeslot to exercise may kick-start you into completing other tasks before or after the session and you may find it leads you to be more productive.

5. Everyone else is doing it…

Did someone say FOMO? Lockdown has meant gyms and studios remaining shut for the foreseeable and it seems EVERYONE is enjoying fitness from their homes or whilst out on their daily exercise allowance. If you can’t beat them – join them!

The list is endless, although we miss our studio and seeing everyone in person, our online classes are amazing at helping us to keep in touch and continue offering fitness advice and guidance.

Thank you to everyone who joins our online classes each week and for those considering joining, we look forward to meeting you.

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