Okay, so who saw the news story recently that highlighted how office workers could look in the future? Terrifying!

If you haven’t seen it click here.

There’ plenty of job roles which will have long term implications on our bodies but so many of us sit in an air-conditioned, brightly lit office, stooped over desks for so many hours of the day that we had to share some reason why Pilates can help you to avoid such implications… more importantly, to stop you from look like Emma (the wax model from the news).

So, if you spend most of your day at a desk this blog post is especially for you!

One way to take a movement break from your computer and break the sedentary lifestyle is to take part in Pilates.

Pilates helps you to align your spine and strengthens your neck and shoulders. This can help minimize the back pain office workers have due to sitting at their desk all day. It can also help reduce neck pain by releasing muscle tension and building up strength. For those who talk on the phone, or have a non-ergonomic desk set-up, this can be especially important.

Not only will Pilates help to strengthen your spine it’s also a great way to strengthen your core. In turn, improving your overall posture. This can be important for office workers since many slump over a desk most of the day. And even after the day is done, that poor posture follows you, creating muscle tension and pain that lasts long after you clock out.

And last, but not least, is the overall stress reduction that comes from regular Pilates practice. If you tend to carry a lot of stress around and suffer from tension headaches or general muscle tension, Pilates is the answer. Fortunately, the benefits from Pilates are long-lasting, so you can expect to feel better during your workday thanks to the time you spend in the studio.

As you can see, Pilates has plenty to offer office workers! So, if you’re stuck inside an office all day and you’re tired of muscle stress and pain, give Pilates a try!

Don’t be like Emma… do Pilates!