Pilates is an exercise choice which seems to be favoured by women. However, if we consider that Pilates was started by a man, Joseph Pilates – it’s been a training option for athletes, both men, and women, for over 50 years. Men have played a VERY big role as instructors and promoters of the Pilates method throughout its history.

Though men have always benefitted from Pilates the scene seems to be populated by the majority of women – leaving some with the idea that Pilates is more for females than males.

As one of the fastest-growing fitness trends in the world, we’re going to uncover the myth that “Pilates is for women” and highlight just a few ways it can be beneficial for men (psst… they’re not too dissimilar, if not the same, to the benefits for a female).

Functional Fitness: 

The ability to have the strength, balance, and flexibility that allows one to move through daily-life tasks with grace & ease – say goodbye to any aches & pains. Pilates exercises seek to increase flexibility and range of motion – but you won’t find the kind of pretzel stretches in Pilates that you might find in gymnastics or yoga – you’re safe!

Achieve tricky fitness goals:

Want to have an advantage when taking part in other forms of exercise? The controlled, well-aligned movement is the ticket to a deeper level of fitness. The emphasis on core training makes Pilates an excellent technique for whole-body fitness, as well as a foundation for cross-training with other kinds of sports and exercise – it might be the answer if you’re struggling to reach wider fitness goals.

Stretch it out

The Pilates method is the same for all & stretching is integral no matter your gender. Men might find that their muscles are a little tighter than women’s, especially in the hips and hamstrings, exercises can be easily modified to allow those areas to stretch out gradually.


Physical therapists around the globe consider Pilates as one of the most beneficial forms of rehabilitation.  Factors like core strength, good control, and muscle toning are all part of an efficient Pilates workout. Providing a higher degree of flexibility compared to other conventional therapy options. Pilates is an exercise routine that can be modified depending on the person’s ability and comfort level. Depending on how bad the injury a Pilates workout teaches you how to treat your body right and attain the perfect posture which will positively contribute to any required rehabilitation. 

Fancy giving it a go?

There is nothing specifically different about Pilates training for men, especially in the beginning why not book a class and see what all the fuss is about?

Equally, a class environment might not be for you… if that’s the case we do offer 1-2-1 training which can be booked here or by calling Denise on 07830 974 670